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The American Guild of Appraisers
The voice of the professional appraiser, protecting the public interest

An open letter and testimonial from our member

o All R.E.Appraisers,


I recently joined the AGA in the spirit of trying to band together for future change. I have been a member of the 100% Appraisers Facebook sight for some time now and have seen the value of just what a Facebook sight can add to my education and understanding how other appraisers deal with the daily struggles with clients and ever changing rules and regulations.  I learned of the AGA through that site and decided to become a member. I heard from them soon after I signed up and  the AGA has been a wealth of knowledge and assistance ever since!  In the beginning of December I realized I was not receiving orders from my largest client and when I contacted them as to why I was removed from the panel, no one could give me an answer. I was finally told (by a recently promoted person who I upset in June) that I had broken a rule back in June and that I no longer fit their requirements. Since I had completed 69 appraisals since June and was told I had an excellent quality score and a 92% acceptance rate by another person at the company, I contacted the AGA for assistance. Within 1 week I was back on the panel and receiving orders daily. Before I contacted the AGA, there was no way I would have been reinstated, due to what I consider a personality conflict from 6 months prior. The AGA went to work on the situation immediately and kept me updated. I cannot thank the AGA enough!


I have been an appraiser for 15 years and have had multiple similar unfair issues with clients/AMC’s over the years and have never had such a quick or positive outcome. I highly suggest all single or small or even large company appraisers join up with the AGA so that we can have the power behind us to affect change for not only ourselves but our co-appraisers throughout the nation.



Here is the AGA website - – Contact them, Join, You will be happy you did.


Thank you again AGA!




Mary Ann Wright

Wright Way Appraisal Service, LLC