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The American Guild of Appraisers
The voice of the professional appraiser, protecting the public interest
We have an opportunity, as a member of the American Guild of Appraisers (AGA), to change the way we approach our future. To become proactive and work together to seize control of our own destiny. The American Guild of Appraisers, is a not-for-profit Guild under the Office Professionals Employees International Union (OPEIU), which is a member union of the AFL-CIO. We stand for all professional real estate appraisers who want to have a collective voice to determine their future.

Our mission is to promote appraiser independence, maintain high-level professional standards in real estate appraisal practice and the ensure the use of professional appraisers to protect the public interest.

Your participation enables the AGA to help legislate policy that reaches beyond narrowly focused appraisal issues, to build a stronger and broader coalition and to develop a strong voice in the US Congress and each of the State Legislatures. Other major goals are to insure the accountability of both the appraisal profession and the financial institutions with whom the appraiser provides services and recognize the role of appraisers in establishing ethical conduct for the appraisal industry.

Our structure with AFL-CIO and OPEIU gives us several sources of benefits. They include:


OPEIU - Member Benefits

The AGA is working with upline unions to improve health care benefits. Revisit benefits page for new health care benefits available soon.

Note: AGA does not endorse or underwrite any service or product providers.


AGA Website Service Features Available to All AGA Members (including Coalition Members).  No all of the following features are available at this time.  Some of the following features will be rolled out in the future.

• AGA Message Boards and Forums
• AGA List-Serves
• AGA File Archive
• AGA Catalog/Store (if applicable)
• AGA Online Learning System
• AGA Newsletters
• AGA Email Broadcast Messages
• AGA News Features
• AGA Project/Committees Opportunities
• AGA Surveys – Voice your opinion on membership issues.
• AGA Legislative Action Center access
• AGA Calendar of Events
• AGA Coursework/Certification tracking
• AGA Photo Gallery access
• AGA Classifieds/Job Board
• AGA Videos
• AGA Mobile App access for smartphones

Special Benefits for Coalitions and Coalition members:

In addition to the AGA Benefits, Coalition Members receive access to AGA’s “Coalition Member’s Only” website services accessible anywhere there is internet access and a web browser.  These Coalition Members only features include:
• Web pages provided specifically for the Coalition accessible through AGA’s main website.
• An online File Archive for the Coalition’s files (By-Laws, forms, videos, PDF documents, logo files, newsletters, committee documents, etc.).
• Availability to run membership list reports.
• Message Boards for Coalition members for communication and forums (these can even have a monitor to oversee message activity, block members, or remove posts if necessary).
• The ability to send broadcast email messages to the Coalition members using the AGA Broadcast Messaging System.
• As members join through the AGA website and select the Coalition membership they are automatically allowed access to the Coalition “Members Only” features. 
• All Coalition members can join, renew, and pay for their membership online through the AGA website portal.
• Administration of all the Coalition website services by up to two administrators of the Coalition’s choice.
• Availability through AGA administrators for custom reporting on Coalition membership.
• Coalition members also have access to all AGA “Members Only” areas of the AGA Membership Management System (MMS) for even more features and programs.