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The American Guild of Appraisers
The voice of the professional appraiser, protecting the public interest
About Us

American Guild of Appraisers
Guild #44 OPEIU- AFL/CIO
Mission Statement

An association of professional real estate appraisers formed to promote appraiser independence, the maintenance of high-level professional standards in real estate appraisal practice and the use of professional appraisers to protect the public interest.
What will the AGA do for me?

If you are a professional real estate appraiser, the AGA has already represented you in discussions with national level and state level appraiser regulatory organizations during the last several years of unprecedented change in the appraisal profession. This has included meetings with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the GAO, the Federal Reserve Board, state appraisal regulators, state banking agencies, high-level political leaders crafting legislation and other decision-makers who will decide the future of the appraisal profession for years to come.

If you are a consumer, the AGA works in the public interest to help assure independence and professionalism of the real estate appraiser. By aligning appraisers with the AFL-CIO’s fight for consumer protection, the AGA has the backing of a 10 million-member organization to stand up against interests that created the need for federal appraiser independence legislation. AGA members are licensed or certified by state appraisal regulators and we continually update our experience and education to enable us to provide quality professional services to the consumer.
How does AGA’s status as a union affect its members?

The AGA is a non-traditional union. This means that we do not engage in collective bargaining, do not strike and do not enforce a closed shop.The AGA does not negotiate contracts, does not have shop stewards, or does it have any oversight regarding its member’s work products.
How will the AGA affect the future of the appraisal profession?

1.With the backing of the AFL-CIO, the AGA continues to create an organization of highly skilled real estate appraisers across the United States.

2.The AGA promotes its members’ professional license or certification as a real estate appraiser that, along with years of experience, has given us the ability to value real estate and its various interests.

3. AGA members will be given the opportunity to continually update their required continuing education, as part of their AGA membership dues.

4. AGA’s equally emphasized dual focus is to: a) enhance quality of life for our members; and b) to provide professional services to the consumer.

5. AGA will continue to play a vital role in fighting legislation and regulation that supplants and marginalizes the professional appraiser.

6. AGA will continue to encourage professionalism and communication between all professional appraisal organizations.

7. AGA will continue to encourage all professional appraisal organizations to work together in legislative and regulatory matters that are of mutual concern.

8. AGA will continue to proactively increase awareness among consumers about the need to utilize a professional real estate appraiser with the required education and experience to perform a particular appraisal assignment.

9. The AGA will continue to fight for the appraisal professions role as a guardian of the consumer’s interest, by aggressively fighting for the appraiser’s right act independently without pressure and coercion

10. The AGA will continue to impress upon financial industry regulators the need to use professional real estate appraisers in the securitization of residential single-family home mortgages, as well as in the modification of mortgages under state and federal foreclosure prevention programs.